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Nothing Much just congratulate brilliant minds and restless souls behind this product. A new way of gaming is emerging and you guys are opening batsman

Vrushabh Kunchanur

You guys made an amazing product.....Enjoying to the core....

Tejas Watamwar

My friends and I spent hours on MetaShot reliving our childhood cricket days... Thanks for the nostalgia trip!


Had a lot of fun as I could play real cricket anytime I wanted


Had a lot of fun playing with my Son. Full Family Entertainment!!

Abishek Kotam
Any time cricket

I've been using the Metashot cricket bat for a while now and I highly recommended it, for its uniquely enjoyable gaming experience. Playing shots with the Metashot bat feels incredibly satisfying. The tactile feedback and the virtual sound effects create a realistic sensation, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

Tarun saini
Any time cricket

I love the concept and the idea behind this. Gameplay is pretty basic yet replicates the movements correctly 90% of the time atleast. The scenarios are fun and sequence star is definitely tough. I expect things to only get better going forward. More power to you team metashot. Keep going and keep growing ! Overall very happy with the product and few updates in the gameplay will really enhance the experience so much further.

Abhimanyu Singh
Any time cricket

Very nice experience with their realistic play design. their quick play modes especially tie maker is very interesting.

Manish Sharma
Any time cricket

It's really fun to play with your friends and family. Instead of using the phone, it's a great way to spend the time for the people who wants to play outside.

Btherach Kumar
Any time cricket

MetaShot Smart Cricket Bat - Unleashing Online Cricket Excitement with Friends. The Bat isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a gateway to an exhilarating world of online cricket gaming with friends. As a cricket enthusiast, I was intrigued by the concept of combining technology with the joy of playing the sport virtually, and the MetaShot bat delivers this experience flawlessly

Vipul Bangard
Any time cricket

Pleasantly surprised with the way it simulates the game

Anil M
Any time cricket

New gaming sensation in the town, metashot is reshaping the game itself. Amazing product!! My wife and I have a great time playing daily.

Kunal Chauhan
Any time cricket

Deifintely Recommendable

Next Generation Entertainment

Any Time Cricket

Realistic Play Design

Nostalgia Trip

Awesome Experience

Full Time Entertainment
Feb 1, 2024